Here is some great advice about leadership.

The renowned entrepreneur behind the Virgin empire, Richard Branson, once said: “Lavish praise on people, and they flourish; criticize, and they shrivel up.” Branson suggests that praise is the key to success in all his relationships, whether as a boss or a father. Showing appreciation and expressing sincere praise is the easiest way to establish a connection with another person.Jim Thompson, executive director of the national nonprofit Positive Coaching Alliance, once told me he turns staff meetings into celebrations. Each meeting begins with 15 minutes of “appreciations and triumphs.” It’s an opportunity for employees to publicly recognize someone else at the meeting. One person might acknowledge a colleague who stayed late to help assemble material for a presentation or who made a last-minute trip to conduct a new pitch. The average person feels under-appreciated, says Thompson. “But in an environment where people are noticed for good things—or even for taking their best shot if they fail—they’re more likely to be fired up.”

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