Johnny Carson was better than most people thought.

Yes, many people agree he was the King Of Late Night. And yes, many competitors had come and go.

And that’s proof that he was really good.

But, he was better than that.

He knew at 12 he wanted to be an entertainer. Many people don’t have a clue what they want to do. I see many people in the 30’s that still don’t know.

And you have to know and pursue from a very early age in order to become as good as Johnny.

Many many people don’t ever get to that level. Every.

When Johnny started on TV he wasn’t very good. His first show got canceled. He couldn’t get any gigs and thought he career was over. But he keep pursuing. He never gave up.

Even when he started in the Tonight Show at first he wasn’t very good. But, he learned and got better and a year later was bigger than any of the stars he had on the show. He was huge.

If you have talent and the interest to pursue something even in the face of failing over and over you can go far like Johnny did.

Most people give up.

They think they don’t have talent. Johnny sucked for years. He got better and wound up being the best of the best. He developed his talent constantly.

Most people give up and pursue something else. When you do that you are essentially starting from scratch.

I also have learned a lot about branding from Johnny.

He was funny and charismatic. Off camera though he was quiet and a loner. He read a lot, he was very intelligential. He didn’t do marriage well. He used to drink a lot and would be a mean drunk, he did sober up, he drank more than Ed his sidekick. He had problems. His kids didn’t have a relationship with him. He was far from perfect.

But, he didn’t show that to the public much. More than most stars did by making fun of himself. Divorce sucks joke here, acknowledgement of another joking bombing. He was real. He wasn’t fake, but he also didn’t share everything.

That’s one of the issue I have with a lot of reality TV stars nowadays. They have no talent, share everything, have no sense of branding at all and don’t acknowledge that they are far from perfect. They suck but make the news for being famous at being famous.

Johnny had talent and worked on getting better every day.

He never gave up. Even after he retired he wrote jokes and sent them to his friend David Letterman.

Be like Johhny Carson. Use him as a role model. And you too can have a fulfilling life even when you aren’t perfect. No one is. I’m not, you aren’t, Johnny Carson wasn’t, nobody.

I miss Johnny Carson. Johnny Carson is a hero of mine. He’s a hero to so many comics that he gave them their first big big break.

Watch about Johnny’s life and learn about what it takes to be better. Even if you never get to his level of excellence you can be better and have a fabulous life.

Watch Johnny Carson: King of Late Night on PBS. See more from American Masters.