Jay Conrad Levinson with Nan Akasha

Jay Conrad Levinson with Nan Akasha

The father of guerrilla marketing Jay Conrad Levinson passed from this realm yesterday.

He wrote the book “Guerilla Marketing”.

That was the first book I read on marketing.

After a horrible marketing class in college about corporate branding and stuff that really doesn’t work for any business except for the top 1% of business I really thought “Guerilla Marketing” was the absolute best.

Actual real marketing advice that I could actually do.

No focus on branding, and multi-million dollar ads campaigns, but stuff a small business could do.

It changed my direction in life.

I started a software business while working at American Express. And I applied “Guerilla Marketing”. Been doing it ever since.

Last year I had the priviledge of meeting Jay and his lovely wife Jeannie at a marketing seminar.

He was amazing. And a really nice guy with a great family.

I will miss you Jay.