Internet get rich quick people are being targeted by the Feds.  The hype is so great and the amount of just awful schemes that it was just a matter of time.

A US national morning show is creating a story on it right now for air very soon.

Who is going to be in trouble?  Well, anyone that doesn’t allow you to unsubscribe to their email.  Believe it or not I know a big Internet Marketer that did this until very recently.  They purposely broken their unsubscribe system.  They also make it extremely hard to get off their monthly continuaty program.  They don’t answer their emails or phones and in fact put PayPal’s phone as their billing department phone number.

With the recession and many Internet Get Rich Quick people having a big surge of business the Feds are going to target some of the big wigs and make examples of them.  As soon as I found out one Internet Marketer was doing the above items I had to cut my ties with them.

Be careful and do business ethically.  Don’t let greed grab your head and lead you down a one way street.

You need the following items to have a profitable online business:

  • Having a high quality product or service to sell
  • Selling your product or service at a reasonable price
  • Having a business plan and some idea of how to implement it
  • Providing outstanding customer support and service
  • Having a target audience and a strong marketing strategy

And you need to focus on:

  • Pick a profitable niche that you love.
  • Create a web site for that niche.
  • Gather targeted traffic to that web site.
  • Convert the traffic into paying clients.

Having bad customer service which a lot of Internet Markets have is one of the biggest problems I see.  If you are banning people’s IP address, manually unsubscribing people, black listing people and ignoring all support emails that are negative then you have a problem.  You are ignoring your client and it just takes one to complain to a government department and an official to make you into a case and you are in serious trouble.

Be careful who you promote and do business ethically.  Be trueful about what you can do and help people as much as possible.  You can easily start your business and succeed if you have the desire just don’t let the get rich quick people get you off track.