I really do hate voice mail. Someone calls you while you’re on the phone or bathroom (hint, don’t answer the phone while in the bathroom, it’s disgusting) and they leave a voice mail. Now I have to call my voice mail and listen to a way too long recording and then they don’t leave their phone number.

It’s enough to make me not want to check voice mail and just call the number back and ask what they wanted. It’s quicker.

Well, now I’m liking voice mail again because of Google Voice. Google Voice can take over your mobile phone voice mail system which is an increadible good thing because it will transcribe the voice mail and send it to you via email and/or text message to your phone. I love being productive and this GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity tip has saved me a lot of time.

This has been helpful when people just leave me a message informing of status and don’t need a return call. I can see it on my email and delete the message 5 seconds later. This saves a lot of time and it’s so convientant.

I love voice mail now and don’t mind if people go to voice mail and leave a message anymore. It saves me a ton of time.

Google Voice is free. You can get a Google Voice phone number and/or just have it take over your mobile phone voice mail system. Check it out.