When you’re the best at what you do you can more easily manage the benefits you provide to your customers.

You can have a VIP level that you do everything at the best you can do. But, you can also have a lower level that provides less benefits for a reduced price.

With a great brand you can easily create this many levels.  With a poor brand this would be impossible to do.

BMW cars have an entry level car the 3 series that is available at a price many can afford, but it’s 3 to 5 times more than a cheap car. They are known for the high level cars the Z4, 6 series, M series cars, those are the ones that get the press. The 3 series is for people to test if they really love BMW. And it’s affordable for a lot of people. BMW sells a lot of 3 series, way more than the rest, but the rest are the core of their brand. The rest set the standard and the brand. The 3 series delivers on all that but with reduced benefits. Other car manufacturers could never do that because their brand wouldn’t support it.

The beauty of a good brand is that it gives you options and allows you to manage your benefits.