Recently a very good friend of mine had a falling out with a business partner.  I don’t know the details but I was supportive.  Then a couple of weeks later the business partner removed me from (I use Twitter Quitter to track these things).

I ask why she unfollowed and blocked me on twitter so I can never follow her again?  She mentioned it may be an overreaction but then retracted when she thought I supported my friend more than her.  I don’t know the details to offer an opinion.

What makes no sense is why I was unfollowed and blocked on twitter and facebook for something that I have nothing to do with.  It looks immature.  I was completely not involved and wasn’t getting involved.  I in fact didn’t care.  But, then this person’s husband email me and my friend accounting details about the argument.  Again I have no idea what this has to do with me.  I responded asking how this involves me.  Why anyone would email private accounting details to someone that isn’t involved in this I have no idea.  My only guess is they want to prove their point to someone else.  Why I would care I have no idea.

So what is the lesson out of all this?

  • When people are upset don’t “talk” via email.  Upset people read emails and think they mean something entirely different from what the person wrote.  I personally switch from email to phone after two tense emails, I think it should be one if it is especially bad.
  • Talking things through works much better.
  • Threatening that you’ll unleash an attack never seen before is immature.  Telling someone that they are barred from talking to you is immature.  Let’s be adults and talk things thru.
  • Blocking people that have nothing to do with a conflict just makes you look like the one at fault and is rude.
  • Sending personal accounting details to someone not involved is an evasion of privacy and simply rude. (To my friend, I didn’t read it and was shocked when I got it)
  • Don’t get involved in other people’s conflicts if you know any of them unless asked.  People will think you are biased.  Suggest a mediator instead which I did, no response yet.
  • Pick your fights.  If you believe they will get extremely upset and start spreading rumors and it isn’t worth pursing the matter then just drop it and move on.

I believe all conflict can be eliminated if people will communication and all conflict is a lack of communication.

On a side note that may or may not have anything to do with this particular case:

  • Not transferring money because you owe the another person money is a form of money laundering.  I’ve seen people do this on a much much bigger scale and go to jail.  Just pay what is owed and let the dollars fall where they be.  Tax collectors don’t like it either.
  • Use affiliate links when doing business with partners at all times, no matter what.  Claiming people are your sales and you didn’t use an affiliate link is bad business.
  • Refusing to send an accounting report for weeks doesn’t help.

Blocking people on twitter is almost worthless as you can to to their twitter feed on and then their username.  People can still put you in replies on twitter.  It does remove people from being able to direct message you when you block them.

So I have one person that is blocking me on twitter now and removed me as a friend on Facebook.  I can live with it since I can’t do anything about it and I couldn’t have done anything to prevent it from happening.  I hope it make the person feel better.  And I hope this anonymous post helps you and my friend move on with life and that the attacks will end.  You both deserve happiness.

P.S.  Does anyone know of a web application that let’s you know who is blocking you?  Twitter Quitter only tells you when people quit following you on twitter.