NoIt’s frustrating when people don’t respond to your voice mail or email. Over the years I’ve worked with many people that don’t respond. And for many years I didn’t understand them.

People that don’t respond to your communications are of three types typically:

1.  They have too many problems themselves that they don’t have time, don’t check their voice mail or email. They are barely together and are barely surviving. Probably not someone you want to do business with.

I know one guy that lives in his office suite, doesn’t answer his phone for weeks at a time and is rather proud of having his voice mail system full so people can’t even leave a voice mail. And his email? He goes in every couple of months and deletes everything. Not really worth any time pursuing business with him, complete waste of time.

2. Then there is the group I call unprofessional. They see your email but don’t read it or read it and don’t respond. They are not interested and instead of replying back just telling you that, they just ignore you. When in person or over the phone and you ask a question they won’t answer.

They will change the subject or if pinned down simply just not talk. I’ve seen this a number of times. I’m not a big fan of this style of negotiating. It’s so unprofessional and business doesn’t work with unprofessional people.

I was renegotiating a contract with a client a number of years ago in person. I asked a simple question about the agreed on installment payment and he wouldn’t answer and wouldn’t look at me. After 30 minutes of one of the weirdest conversations I’ve ever had, I left. I tried to renegotiate for two more months with him and didn’t succeed.

That is when I realized why. Why would I want to do business with these types of people. So I learned that no response answers simply mean NO. It maybe no I’m too busy or I have too much going on in my life or it could be hell no. You may never know since they are not communicating. But, does it matter it’s not going to work out in business.

3. A new type for me is the outwardly professional that is successful but has no help to check their voice mail or email so they simply don’t. They have horrible service and will even have people complain on social media about it but they are successful and ignore them. They can easily afford help but they don’t. They also have the opinion that not responding ever or for weeks is cool.

These types I believe have no excuse for acting this way. I once asked a big Internet Marketer about a joint venture deal and he responded in minutes himself that he didn’t have time to consider it. I respected that. Some other successful people but not nearly as big just don’t answer.  Even in person if you ask they’ll say yes but they don’t mean it and once they are not physically in front of you it’s impossible to get in touch with them as they go back to their protected bubble at home. These type of Internet Marketers need to get professional quick or they will go out of business. The days of not caring about your clients on the Internet are over and people will not tolerate it anymore.

Now a few times I’ve meet someone a year or two later and they would tell me why they didn’t respond. Many of those times it was because they just were stressed out and couldn’t handle anymore at that time. Some have even become clients. So never give up on people but don’t waste too much time pursuing these types of people.

So my rule is to followup three times with people. On the third try I tell them this is my last time that I’ll be leaving them a message. I then will contact them a few months later once and trickle on them occasionally. It could be months or years before they recover from their stresses to think straight or they can afford to do business with you. Don’t put so much pressure on them that they hate you. Be nice and respect their no response and move on.

Thankfully most people are not like these people. Most people are upfront and frank about things which makes doing business much easier. Just understand the no response types and move forward with the people that want to do business with you.