“The moment you are asking am I happy, you’re not.” – Krishna Murti

I find many people searching for happiness their entire life. The more spiritual they are the more they search, never seeming to find it. Not that the non-spiritual people are any better at it they just don’t search nearly as much.

Many people go from one guru to another looking for answers that they will only find within themselves. Worshiping gurus is not going to help you long-term. It may make you feel good short-term, but it is only for a day, a week, a month, a year, but not a life time. Happiness for a life time comes from within.

I just see it a bit dangerous to put these people on pedestals. I know some “gurus” and I know their faults. Some have so many problems I’m amazed they are teaching people how to be happy. They seem miserable and unhappy. Working all the time and trying to maintain their “front”. They are stressed beyond belief and are worried how people will perceive them if their audience finds out. Even they need to find happiness at times. You just need to focus on whether their information helps you. Don’t worship them. They are just like you. I can keep my friendships with these type of people and everyone because I don’t put them on a pedestal. I treat them like an friend. And we are friends if they do the same and don’t get egotistical about their fame.

Enjoying what others have to say and their perspectives is good. I enjoy listening to Abraham-Hicks and Spiritual Cinema Circle myself. You may also. I also highly enjoy music and meditation. And my hobby of photography gives me great joy.

Be happy from within. Enjoy life. Focus on what you want and appreciate the contrast in life so you know what you want.

The purpose of life is to be happy. Happiness doesn’t happen to you, you manifest happiness in yourself.