If you don”t have critics then you aren’t trying hard enough.  You think I”m kidding.  I”m not.  You”re not pushing the envelope, you”re not sharing yourself enough, you”re not out there.

I get criticized and laughed at when I say you can be successful and not be a workaholic.  Many people like that is a big big lie.  Their mentors are major workaholics.  So they think I’m nuts.

These suggestions from Alexandria are helpful when you get critics.  Hopefully soon if not already because it is a sign of success.

What I HAVE learned is that if any of these critics get nasty with you, don’t sink to their level. Remember that as a publisher you’re also in the business of customer service. I typically handle it via one of these three methods:

a) respond calmly and acknowledge their point (some people just want to be heard)
b) disregard or delete their message (if their comments are so inappropriate or hurtful that I can’t answer back calmly)
c) remove them from my list

Even better: Have someone else screen your email, like I do now. My assistants protect me in a wonderful way, and only pass on to me what I need to see. This does wonders for my mood and keeps me in a positive place and in good energy!

Through these petty annoyances, remember the big picture of why you started your e-zine or your current venture. It was likely to gain credibility and expert status while increasing your marketing reach and revenues. Your professional reputation is always on the line.

You may want to lash back, but in the long run, it ALWAYS pays to take the high road.