People that don’t have money think that more money will bring them happiness.

It doesn’t.

Money provides opportunity and is a great tool. I love it.

But if you don’t have happiness when you’re broke you won’t have it when you’re rich.

I’ve seen it for myself. Having money didn’t make me happier. I was already happy, a bit frustrated when my income sucked, but happy.

I’ve meet many rich people that have “everything” except for happiness.

Just because you make or even inherit money doesn’t mean it comes with happiness.

The documentary “One Percent” by Jamie Johnson of the Johnson & Johnson company family. Is rich. He doesn’t have to work. His Dad has never worked. They are “taken care of”.

Is Jamie Johnson happy? In the movie he sure doesn’t look like it. He feels guilt of having access to so much money.

The point is not the money.

The point is what you can do to fulfill your wants and needs with money.

How would you live?

How would you change other lives thru charity?

How are you going to make a difference in the world to yourself, your family and the entire planet.

If you understand that then money becomes a tool that allows you to live to your fullest potential.

Understand that and everything clicks. Everything makes sense.

And your heart sings with joy that you have life figured out.