The biggest issue I see with people starting in a new business is they spend way too much money starting before they make a single penny. I know most people think the problem is not spending any money to get started which is why they are unsuccessful. But, I disagree. I’ve seen many people start with no or little money and be successful. I’ve seen a ton of people with a ton of money that spend it all before making a dime.

People with a lot of money to get started in business scare me.  I’ve just seen it too many times.  They buy every single course they see and never actually read them all.  They get coaching from everyone offering it.  They buy it all.  But they don’t focus on learning a little and then applying.  They learn for months (years) before every applying.  I like to learn something and apply it the same day.

If you are having to quit your job then you really don’t want to do anything with a large capital outlay. Find money streams that will start making you money right away. Like starting a service where you trade money for time and then move into products as you make money.

Find some that can give you money immediately for what you are selling.  Don’t waste any time planning endlessly.  Find a problem and solve it.  Rinse and repeat.