I’ve noticed via email lists and twitter that most all Internet Marketers work everyday of the week. Now they may only blog and send an email out every day and that may only take them a few minutes and they may even write it days before.

But my point is that they have communications from their company or themselves every day. What type of message does that send to your clients? If it looks like you are constantly working some readers and clients are going to assume that they must also.

I use to do this. Lost four or five years of my life. Can’t remember anything but a flurry of working the entire time. I remember collapsing and looking up into the blue sky and thinking there is got to be more in life than working all the time. I changed.

I blog only five days a week. Rarely six and only if I saw a good movie that gave me an idea. I also only send out three emails a week. And when I’m offline I don’t twitter much unless it is something really cool. Isn’t it a drag when you get online and one person has produced a vast majority of your twitters to read. And some of them are about going to the grocery store? Boring.

Train your customer/clients on what you expect. Don’t work everyday. Don’t even look like you are working everyday. And take some time off. How do you think you are going to come up with new ideas and insights if you are constantly working. Rest and ideas will pop into your brain much easier.

And get out of the house.