Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

I recently went to a seminar on a cruise ship. It was the first time for me to be on a cruise ship.

I found the Carnival cruise ship business model to very interesting. It’s relatively cheap to book a cruise. Like $100 a day and that includes food. But, I didn’t realize how many upsells they would have. As soon as you get on the ship you are upsold an alcoholic drink. I saw many people seek out these drinks as soon as they stepped on to the deck. So all alchololic drinks are extra. Not surprised. Later that night the hallways filled up with professional photographer with fake backdrops. There were lines to get your photo taken in front of fake scenery around the world. I was baffled why this was fun, but there were lines of people waiting to have their picture taken. Having the picture taken is completely free. Getting a print of it is not. Yet another upsell.

Then of course is the onshore excursions. There was a lengthy list of them you could do when we stopped in Mexico. Not a surprise except for the prices. USA prices for an outing in Mexico seemed odd. They also have art auctions which I didn’t get a chance to see. I saw the art and wasn’t impressed, but maybe I’ve been the Louvre once too many times.

And of course onboard gambling.

And it’s a ship, you can’t get off and do something else. It’s a captured audience.

The cruise ship business is the perfect marketing funnel. I’m impressed.