Mona LisaBusiness in order to be successful has to be a thing of beauty. It has to have systems and procedures that when business is conducted it is a beautiful thing to watch.

If your business isn’t something of beauty that you don’t want to frame and put it up on your wall then something is broken.

There is a process that is just plain ugly. Horrible. Something you don’t want people to know about. That is probably the first thing you need to fix.

Because once you have a successful business running smoothly it isn’t hard.

At first it will be hard though. And that period of hardness may be years. How long that period is, is up to the entrepreneur.

The biggest issue I see with starting entrepreneurs is them not wanting to focus on what is really import to a business.

They want to focus on “doing” business and not making business happen.

They will tweak their website, or even create a website. They will work on sales copy, they will “tweak” incessantly. They will do everything but the only thing that counts.

You have to first and foremost focus on making SALES. Yup, I said the work SALES.

If you are not selling you are not in business. You may think you’re in business, but you’re not. You are just going thru the motions, thinking you are in business.

This is why Rich Dad, Poor Dad guy and Trump both suggest people start off in an MLM business, because in a MLM you can only sell. In fact you are barred from having the ability to do anything else.

Now I believe owning your own business is better than an MLM because you can change your products and services and keep up with the market and in an MLM you can’t do that. But, getting experience and focusing on sales with an MLM is a great idea.

You will always be learning on your journey as a person and an entrepreneur. It’s never going to over. You will have to constantly tweak your business and make it as beautiful as possible. Constantly adjusting the colors and paint strokes to make it better. Then putting it back up on the wall to be admired.

You have to love that painting, your business. You have to be totally in love with not only your products and services but in the actual business. The processes, procedure, and systems that make your business. You have to totally love the people working in and with your business. When all that is working together, it is a work of beauty. It runs smoothly and when little speed bumps show up you can see them because your work of beauty turns ugly. Then you just focus on making it beautiful again.

And you only get that love and appreciate from your beautiful business from yourself, not others. If you have to rely on others telling you are a great person you will be very disappointed.

In fact when you are first starting out, you will have people, especially some family and friends, that think you are nuts, irresponsible and destined to failure. It happens. I suggest you don’t talk to those people.

When building a business it can be lonely. You are in your workshop working on your masterpiece. Other known great artists don’t hang out with you at prestigious clubs because you can’t afford the money or the time to go there. And the old crowd of your “peeps” are too depressing for you to want to even talk to.

But, it gets better. You come out with your masterpiece and it somewhat works. Then you learn and tweak it to be more beautiful and it works even better. Then next thing you know you are hanging out with some colleagues that you are excited about. And that turns into people you respect invitinting you to their event as a special guest and them wanting a picture with you.

Keep making your business a masterpiece of beauty. Don’t give up. Keep at it. It does get better with focus.