Balancing Success and Happiness - My Journey to Enjoying Life While Achieving Business Goals


I’m just back from another vacation.

I had a realization this week that my life is really wonderful. This is my second week long vacation in a month. I regularly take off weekends and I enjoy life. I’m doing what I love and teach people how to create ideas based on what they love.

Some people I have been looking up to as mentors work all the time. I don’t want to work all the time. I’ve done that and I’m grateful I’m still alive. I love life. It’s not about how much money I make, it’s about my lifestyle and doing what I want to do.

Many people focus on how much money they want. “I want to be a triillionaire”. Why? Money is a tool to help get you want you want. I love to travel. I love adventure. I love excitement. Money helps get me all that. You can’t do it with a standard salary or schedule. But, why replace a job with a schedule of working all the time, especially if you have enough money to do anything you want? I don’t personally understand it. They seem to focus only on the money. I don’t. I put out products and services that I feel passionate about and people know it. I do set a goal of how much money to make for each project, that is what a business does.

I want to change people’s lives and have fun. So I focus on that.