Have you ever noticed that successful people are positive and unsuccessful people are negative.

A successful person would tell someone that is working on being successful but hasn’t quite gotten there yet to keep at it. An unsuccessful person would tell them to give it up and get a job.

I had dinner with some people last week and also hanged out with some others in a hot tub a couple of days ago and I noticed how negative people can be.

For people that live day to day and have a J.O.B. or just over broke, the normal day to day small talk over dinner or a soak in a hot tub is very negative.

One guy I meet in the hot tub lived six months on the road reading a book a day and soaking in hot tubs. He worked during the summer up north but liked the weather down here in south Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Sounds like a great life to me. I know many people who would love that lifestyle. He insteads talks about how he can’t dance because his back hurts, that his vacation to Hawaii was horrible, and how the weather at the time was too cold.

At dinner with another group they all complained about being broke. We were in Miami having dinner on the beach with fantastic wine and they complain about the lack of money. It just amazes me. They are taking a meditation class in fabulous Miami and they complain. They look at my girlfriend and myself and think we are aristocrats. I actually had some close friends tell me that a month ago. It surprised me. I never looked at myself as an aristocrat. Who me? That is for royality. But, then I started thinking…well…it’s their perception. I don’t agree with it but it is what they think.

Many gorgeous models say that men will not ask them out on a date because they are intimated by their looks. They automatically think that there is no way so why even bother. So there are many beautiful models that rarely have a date.

I’ve actually had people tell me to stay at a different hotel because the one they are staying at isn’t up to my standards. Or you should eat there but we’ll be eating over there because their place isn’t good enough for me. Or cab drivers that request a 50% tip because that’s “standard”. And on Saturday I had someone tell me to go to a certain nightclub but they go to another one that isn’t as nice because the other one is only for high society types.

So why do so many people complain? Because all their friends do it. It’s normal for them. It’s also a great way to build friends based on what you have in common. “Life sucks! You too? Hi, we should be friends”

I don’t talk negative very much at all. And when I do my girlfriend will say “Why are you limiting yourself?”

It’s one thing to not order wine at dinner because you can’t afford it. It’s another when you announce to the table how broke you are. It works if you want other broke friends that can sit and complain about being broke, but if you want happy successful friends that will encourage you to be successful and may even help you just killed it by being negative. What you say is very very important.

You receive what you ask for. Ask for positive things.

When you become more and more successful you will lose old friends. They get more and more negative with you and they will automatically limit the time they want to see you. I’ve lost some friendships lately and have been unable to form others because they think they can’t “hang out” with me. If you’re positive I would love to be friends with you. I don’t care if you’re poor or rich. I do care what comes out of your mouth. You will gain new friends, friends that support you, friends that believe in you, friends that you can grow with. Be a good friend and encourage others and be positive.