I was introduced to Abraham-Hicks teachings back in September or Octover. I got their newest book and also found out they have workshops. They call them Art Of Allowing. So I signed up for one. It was held over the weekend. The Hicks are located right here in San Antonio. So I signed up for that one. It was held on their ranch consisting of several acres and many buildings. I saw their monster bus and even got a tour of it. I now know why they call it monster, it is big. On the back of the bus it says “Life is supposed to be fun”. I believe many people lose track of this. I also loved their treehouse. Great place to think and plan.

I love their law of attraction teaching. Many people actually focus on what they do not want and not on what they really want. The exercises and teachings of Abraham-Hicks helps you will getting back on track.
The Abraham teachings affirm our well-being and help us to recognize the power of joy in achieving all that is desired in life. Check out one of their workshops or cruises, I think you will get a lot out of it.