I’m not the most successful person in what I do. I’m do what I want. I’m having a midlife crisis going on three years now.

One day I want to be a musician another a facebook ads expert and the next a team leader for both my companies, another a weight loss expert and yet another a love expert.

In reality I can’t focus on all of them.

So what am I?

I’m me. My name is Christopher Sherrod.

I do what I love. I do what makes me happy.

Each of these things is a project to me.

Do your business in the name of love. Have relationships with family and friends in the name of love. Do it for love. People want to do business with you because you love your business. People want to be friends with you because you love your friendship with them. Learn how I do only what I love. Learn how to love your life from my trip to Paris this summer. Everything is an application of love. The more successful companies love what they do. Find out how to love everything you do.