Phil Gerbyshak wrote a good article on why you should join a mastermind group. Here is an excerpt.

Mastermind groups offer new perspectives. Have you heard the old saying, it’s hard to see what’s on the outside of a bottle when you’re stuck on the inside? This is why mastermind groups are so valuable. You can team up with people that are outside of your life bottle and see things you couldn’t otherwise see. Additionally, the folks you choose will have different experiences than you, and can offer new ways to handle issues that come up, and can help you by asking you great questions that help you find the answer to get through those times you are stuck and in need of a breakthrough.

Mastermind groups offer a built in accountability circle. When you share your goals and with someone else, you help them help you be more accountable for the outcomes. One of the best ways to achieve something is to be constantly reminded about it, and a mastermind group offers 4 or more people that can ask you where you are with your goal, and offer encouragement if you’ve fallen away from your goal.

Strength where are you are weak. Nobody is good at everything. That’s a fact. Joining a mastermind group helps you fill in those weak spots with people who have strengths you’re lacking, if you build the group strategically. Find people who are organized if you’re lacking organization, who have good writing skills if yours are lacking, and generally are gifted in areas you are not. After all, it’s a lot more fun working in our strengths zone than in our weakness zone, and if we work together, we can ALL be stronger.