Ellesse is right about who you share your goals with. I’ve had mastermind members (and I was surprised by this) tell me that being successful and not working all the time is bulls**t. That is my goal and I do pretty good at it. I’m off for a home exchange for a week and I’m writing this days before so I can enjoy the beach home in Virginia. Ellesse had three great points check out the article link below.

When I first came across that piece of advice from most of the self improvement books I read, I seriously thought they were exaggerating. In fact, I thought it was unhealthy. What’s wrong with sharing your audacious goals with your closest friends and family? Aren’t they supposed to be happy for you now that you’ve managed to convince yourself to step out of your comfort zone to pursue something you’ve always wanted to? What harm can they do to someone whom they say they love and trust?

Why It’s Important To Know Who You’re Sharing Your Goals With at Goal Setting College