I recently had Rhys Thomas of the Rhys Method evaluate me. He did my life purpose profile.

He is spooky accurate. He got me immediately over lunch. It was amazing.

He was able to tell my personality. Now that it self is not unusual, but he has a unique and easy system that has helped me a lot.

Other personality tests are complicated. I never could remember them. His is simple.

I’m a Emotional Intelligence Specialist. Here is what he says about this type from his website:

…you possess is the Emotional Intelligence Specialist, you realize you are full of love, and you know, not just believe, that love is as plentiful as the air you breathe. In this state of being, you become a guide for everyone you know to find their hearts and self-love. You can enjoy others so deeply that you help them access their deepest source of love just by your kindness and acceptance of them.

Your heart becomes so in tune with your environment and those in it that you find your true mission: to offer the world love and compassion in whatever walk of life you are in. You can be a wonderful teacher, parent and grandparent of young children, as well as adults, who feel your love and follow you like the Pied Piper. You help others let down rigid boundaries, open closed hearts, and support them in learning to trust again.

You can be very strong emotionally and set compassionate boundaries for others, even those who have abused you in the past. Love sometimes means letting others know that you will only be in relationship with them when they are in their personal integrity. You are never a victim once you own your Emotional Intelligence Specialist.

When he told me this I was surprised. Most be read me all wrong. “oh you use to program computers, you’re a nerd” I would get that a lot. Frankly I hated being around nerds. I am just smart and did that stuff. I retired from it and don’t miss it. I now hire them.

Ryhs had me stand in front of an audience and say that my type “Emotional Intelligent Specialists” are what we need more of in the world. All of us are moving more to this type and this type is needed to help the world.

This was good to hear because the typically opportunist Internet Marketer don’t get me. I get them and don’t want much to do with them. I only work with clients that have a passion to change the world for the better. Period.

When I meet my girlfriend after separating from her ex husband, well actually several months later I told her she had no spine when dealing with her ex-husband and her parents. I did it as nicely as I could. And I did it because I love her. She took the advice and stood up to them, and she has done amazingly ever since.

I support her and our business with help from a team of people. And I help her emotionally being the Charismatic Leader that she is. That’s another type from Rhys.

And my girlfriend and I have the second type of Team Player. Just enough to work together. But it isn’t our first type.

So for a virtual assistant we both need a person who’s primary type is Team Player and is detailed oriented. Neither one of us is detailed oriented so for us to have a great team we need help with that.

We don’t need someone like us. We have those types covered.

Now just because my primary type isn’t Charismatic Leader doesn’t mean that I’m not a frontman. I do this blog, have an email list, done telesummit and produced products, but for my audience. And it isn’t the primary thing I do. I do it because there is no much false information on how to be successful that I want to scream, so I stand up and tell it like it is.

Get more emotional, show the world who you are and make this planet better. There isn’t a PLANet B to fall back on.

To learn more about Rhys Method check out rhysmethod.com. He’s amazing and I highly recommend you check him out.