IMG_1086We went out for the day to North Wales. To visit a spiritual site named St. Winefride’s Well in Holywell Wales. It has been a pilgrims place for many centuries. Henry VIII abolished Catholic Church’s back in the 1500’s. It is the only place to survive in the British Isles to survive.

All the signs in Wales are in English and Welsh. How Mold, Wales, UK comes out to be in Welsh three times longer I have no idea. The language has many letter repeated. Many Welsh don’t know Welsh and only English but a revival in the language has occurred recently.

Then we visited an Greenfield Valley, old Abbey that didn’t survive the Henry VIII abolishment of Catholic Church. It is just ruins.

Lovely green country. I know why they call Mold it’s name. Very wet climate.

Over dinner of wonderful Chinese on the coast of Wales we discussed the new Zero Limits book by Joe Vitale. A testimonial of mine is in the book. I found it surreal that I was in Wales talking about a book that just came out in America. Natasha had heard of Dr. Len and Dr. Vitale and so Nancy and I discussed the simple concept behind Zero Limits. The world is a small place and growing smaller. Good ideas sweep the globe faster and faster.