I recently had a big birthday celebration. It didn’t come out like I thought it would. I had made plans to goto Miami, my favorite East Coast city, to visit museums, zen gardens and some vegan cuban food.

The 2020 Pandemic changed all that as my housing and airline reservations were canceled.

I couldn’t even invite friends over, have food catered and have a live DJ like I sometimes do.

A friend of mine had a video party earlier this month so I thought what the heck I’ll try that.

Zoom Birthday Party

So, I invited all my Facebook friends to a video birthday party, thinking it couldn’t possibly last more than an hour. I thought thirty minutes really but wanted an hour window for people to pop in and out.

It lasted two hours and we just talked about whatever. I gave a tour of my house, since no one has seen it. The pandemic topic did come up since I had people from the US and Mexico on and there are big differences in how things are being done. Mexico is faring, so far, much better than the US.

In the past I never would have thought a video birthday party would have anyone show up. I like in person. I only live on a remote beach because I like the quiet normally.

Now, with it impossible to come over to my place the video call is our new hangout.

I know for many doing video conference calls is a new thing. I’ve been working from home since 1996 so I started doing video calls many years ago. I do find this new trend to be nice because it really does reduce having to travel. Instead of a whole afternoon going to someone’s party it’s now an hour or two and just as much fun.

I was pleasantly surprised how much fun it was. It was an experiment, that the circumstances required, that worked.