Monkey Rescue Adventure Story

2019-08-29T12:56:31-05:00June 5th, 2018|Categories: Mexico, Philanthropy, Travel, Whole Enchilada|Tags: , |

Over the weekend I visited and donated to a wonderful animal rescue center in Akumal near where I'm living in the Mexican Caribbean. They are helping animals rehab to be released. I went with a bunch of ex-pat friends and locals to the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary and Rescue Center. I found it extremely meaningful for [...]

Living the Miami Vice lifestyle without the drugs

2019-09-07T10:25:07-05:00April 30th, 2018|Categories: Conscious Entrepreneurship, Mexico, Slow Lifestyle, Travel, Whole Enchilada|Tags: , |

My favorite show as a teenager living in remote Alaska was, believe it or not, Miami Vice. I loved the style, the action and not to mention the weather. I wanted to be Sonny Crocket. The clothes, the sailboat, the women, everything but the actual job he had. And when I [...]

Ek Balam Pyramid, Mexico

2019-09-03T07:55:03-05:00April 11th, 2018|Categories: Mexico, Travel|Tags: , |

Wonderful full day at Ek Balam Pyramid in Mexico. Went with a group of friends and got a driver to drive us to and from and in-between for lunch, cenote break and margaritas in the nearby town. The jaguar temple was buried a long time ago to protect it and [...]