I love Tim Ferriss’ book the 4 Hour Work Week.  Even though I’ve had assistants for certain things I never thought of having a VA for everything.  Thanks Tim for changing my life.

His website quickly became very high in Alexa rating (14,000 something as of today).  He knew who to talk to and who not to waste his time with.  He’s the man for self-promotion and deserves the title from Wired.

OK, Timothy Ferriss: You win. You are the greatest self-promoter in the world.

When Wired.com asked our readers to help pick champion self-promoters, we were completely unprepared for the onslaught of your fans. They not only voted for you, again and again, they also nominated you (along with Tim Farriss, Timothy Ferris, and other variations on your name) literally scores of separate times.

Tim Ferriss Takes Wired.com’s Self-Promotion Prize | Epicenter from Wired.com