When I first learned of Prosperity Consciousness it snapped for me right away.  I love it.  Just learning the concept changed me.  Here is an article snippet from an author that also understands this.  Enjoy.  The link at the bottom get you to the full article.  It’s worth reading.

Being Prosperity Conscious is not difficult. Begin by changing your beliefs about money. Think thoughts of abundance and wealth. If you are serious bout increasing your wealth, your predominant thoughts should be of wealth. Scientists now know and can prove that our thoughts carry frequencies, just like a radio signal carries frequencies. If we are constantly thinking the same thoughts over and over again, these thoughts will manifest into our realities and we will attract more of what we are thinking about. Just think about it for a second. Everything you have achieved in your life so far started with a thought or an idea you had. You then followed that thought or idea through by acting on it until you created in your life that which you once thought about. The same is true of wealth. If you want more money in you life you have to think positively about it and the law of attraction will give you more of what it is your thinking about.

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