You’ve probably been to a seminar where the facilitator was boring, had no energy.  It made for a uninteresting seminar.  Here are some tips to get more energy.

We all enjoy being around people with energy. They inspire us. They are stimulating, fun, and uplifting. An energetic person has passion in his voice, a bounce in his step, and a smile on his face. Energy makes a person likable, and likability is a key ingredient in persuasive communications. Many business professionals underestimate the energy level required to generate enthusiasm among their listeners. But electrifying speakers bring it. They have an energy that is several levels higher than the people they are attempting to influence.

Most business professionals could use an energy boost for public speaking situations such as Webinars, podcasts, staff meetings, conference calls, and television and radio interviews. Each of these opportunities requires a higher level of energy than would normally be appropriate if you were just chatting to someone in the hallway. But how do you project the right level of vigor without seeming over the top? By weighing yourself on an energy scale. And on this scale, more is better.

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