The law of attraction is very powerful and it is not the only secret.  It’s one secret.  You must also take action.  Law of attraction with action is fantastic.  You can do anything you desire with these two components working together.

I think that is the number one mistake people make is they just relie on law of attraction and do not take any action.  They are close to getting results by believing in the law of attraction.  People that don’t know anything about law of attraction and take lots of action have limited successful.  Most of these type of people are working their butt off and really getting no where.  Plus they are so stressed they are unhappy.

Steve wrote an excellent article about getting these two components  to work together.  He had to say:

Whenever you form an intention, that intention has two primary components. The first component is the content of the intention. The content is the information part of your desire. It’s whatever you decide you want, such as a new career, a better relationship, or an extra $10,000. That part is pretty straightforward.

The second component of an intention is the energy you bring to the intention. Some people describe this as a feeling, like passion or gratitude, but the feeling is actually the result of the energy, not the energy itself. However, you know there is energy in your intention when you connect strong feelings to it.

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