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5 Ways to Test Out Your Next Joint Venture Business Partner

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My last article about the 5 lessons working with partners got a lot of comments on Facebook, so I thought I would follow that up with ways to test out a business partner. I interviewed my mastermind group. Over half are coming out with big joint ventures later this month so they had some great tips. The others have been doing it for years so they as well had great advice. They have all done joint venture partnerships big and small as well.

5 Lessons learned from working with partners

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Working with partners can be challenging. I recently bowed out of 4 separate partnership deals. I reviewed everything I was doing at the end of the year and anything that wasn't working I dropped it. When you do this and partners are involved you have to be careful. Hell, I have to be careful what I say in this because they are going to read it. And I don't have any specific gripes against any of them. But I do have some lessons.

What’s your ideal target market?

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Yesterday was a day of contrast for me. I when to an art opening lecture with my girlfriend. It was full of artistic people listening to two people about architecture and art, how they are different and what makes a great building. Then by myself I went to the monthly [...]