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My Friend Died And We Are Loved

2015-07-25T07:00:11-05:00July 25th, 2015|Categories: Whole Enchilada|Tags: , |

I’m getting a pedicure and listening to a business podcast when my girlfriend texts me that our good friend Marla died. It slowly hits me. I’m trying to keep my composure in a nail salon full of women and I'm the only guy and I'm trying not to cry. I [...]

Musician partnered with United Nations

2013-11-25T14:36:35-05:00November 25th, 2013|Categories: Conscious Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Philanthropy, Whole Enchilada|Tags: , |

Here is a sign that electronic music is mainstream. David Guetta is turning to Twitter for a good cause. The international DJ/producer has partnered with the United Nations for "The World Needs More. . ." campaign to help raise money for humanitarian needs around the world. Guetta and other global [...]

Published in friend’s book

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Joe Vitale and MeI was out of town with my love Nan and our friend Nat from England. I wanted to show Nat one of my favorite bookstores. I've been out of country and traveling alot so I hadn't seen Joe Vitale's book "Zero Limits" yet and it was displayed at my favorite bookstore. I suddenly remembered that I was in it.

Truth Beauty Freedom Love

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I live by these ideals. Truth, Beauty, Freedom and above all Love. I know things will work out for the best when I seek and keep the truth, enjoy the beauty around me and within, seek freedom and above all love. I live my life to these and life is fantastic. Life works out for the best.