Enoch Tan has an excellent articles on success using law of attraction.

This is also why successful business people seem to create even more businesses that become instantly successful whether they consciously use the law of attraction or not. Such business people have an unshakable confidence, knowing and faith that whatever they turn their mind to will instantly succeed. The powerful thought form and its success vibration operating in the sphere of the collective subconscious mind therefore ensures success. You cause everything you do to be a success with intention.

When the seller has no confidence in the success of his business, and merely hopes that customers will turn up to buy something, then the vibrations of the resulting thought form of this person would only attract buyers with a very powerful thought form for buying those particular goods or services from that particular seller. You limit your range of success and achievement when you intend to attract only those who truly want to buy what you sell. Most people do not even know what they should buy.

Success in Business by Using The Law of Attraction