IMG_1160We visited the stonehedge of the North today.

We drove many miles thru mountain passes in the rain for quite a while. It rained all day like crazy. Once we arrived the rain picked up along

Arbor Low is a hedge or prehistoric structure. It is not tall like Stonehedge but pretty low. The rocks are in a circle within a circle of earth. You can walk around Arbor Low unlike Stonehedge. It was lovely to visit with Nancy, Natasha and Mark. It is said to have 360 energy lines into it. This is one of the many places I wanted to visit during my stay. I also want to see Stonehedge even though you can’t walk inside it anymore and it was lovely to walk around Arbor Low for a couple of hours. Visited a site that was built in 2500 B.C. is fun and energizing.

Even with a raincoat I got wet. It was raining and blowing. I felt like I was in the midst of a cloud. I bought a proper raincoat to make sure that doesn’t happen again.