Gregg Braden former scientist now best selling spirtual author has a new book out,  The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.  I love the information that he writes about, science is proving that there is something to spirtuality.  In order to succeed in life you have to belief in yourself.

“Brilliant and insightful…I see Gregg Braden as one of our great visionaries.”
—Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of The Power of Intention

“Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.”
—Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of How To Know God

Is it possible that we’re born with the power to reverse disease, create peace and abundance, and even change reality itself?

As we face the greatest challenges of human history, these new discoveries suggest that we’re about to find out!

Fact: The universe is made of a shared matrix of energy that underlies our physical world!

Fact: Heart-based Belief is the language that speaks to this matrix!

Implication: Scientific discoveries now reveal that heart-based belief affects everything from the healing of our bodies to the atoms of our world!

In my newest book, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering The Paradigm of False Limits, I will show you beyond any reasonable doubt that our bodies, our lives, and our reality are based upon a simple code—a heart-based belief code—that we may learn and upgrade by choice.

To fully embrace the power of this code in our lives we must:

  1. Understand how it works.
  2. Speak the language that it recognizes

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief provides you with the keys to do both. Between 1998 and 2005, my journeys into the remote monasteries of Egypt and Tibet revealed the ancient manuscripts, and the living practices, that have preserved the techniques of heart-based belief for over 2,500 years. Supported by today’s science, I will share what I found and describe how a change in your perception holds the timeless secret to healing, peace, and even reality itself!

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