I recently moved into a beach house rental in Mexico and a bunch of stray dogs and cats would come to the pool.

I’ve never had stray animals visit where I’ve stayed in Mexico so this experience was new to me. I bought a squirt spray bottle for the dogs. I’ve only had to use three times for them to learn not come around again. They are just looking for food.

Then a pregnant cat showed up at our screen door. We ignored it at first but it was so sweet and kind that we starting feeding it.

Sweet kitty on our porch
Greeted with this one morning like she owned the place
Very pregnant cat
Gave her a bed

Owners of our rental don’t allow pets so we next looked into where to have this sweet cat adopted. What we found for Merida and Progreso Yucatan area is there isn’t a no kill option for cats.

One of the sweetest cats I’ve meet

Our local handyman and my favorite Uber driver told us that if We turned her into the Progreso city hall that she would be killed by the end of day.

So my love Nan took to local expat Facebook groups looking for other options. She found some rescue places for dogs but none for cats. She even was working a plan to have tha cat driven to Playa del Carmen, which is 3.5 hours away as that area of Mexico does have a cat rescue group.

But the wonderful expats here in Progreso spread the word about this adorable and kind cat and a stay at home mom with two kids fell in love with her photos.

Nan delivered the cat to them and that cat was adopted to a loving family.

Cat in car to new adopted family
In new home with a loving family

Less than a week later and we got these photos that she had six kittens and all are doing well.

Sweet kitty with her kittens
Six healthy kittens

Stray animals is a little common is small towns and rural areas of the Yucatan and Quinta Roo states of Mexico and probably all of Mexico. As expats that can’t participate in the killing of strays we had to look for options. There is always options. Being connected to other foreigners that feel the same way about animals is the key.