My rocking girlfriend Nan was a speaker at a law of attraction seminar a few days ago. I went to help her sell her new book “Already Rich”.

We had a good time as well. It was the first time for both of us on a cruise ship. We both enjoyed the seminar and Nan was a fantastic speaker. There wasn’t a lot of time to enjoy the cruise ship though. Did get in a couple of rounds in the hot tub on the back of the ship. We also enjoyed the included meals. But the whole cruise ship experience reminded me of being stuck in a tacky Vegas hotel that you can”t leave. We only had two or three hours free each night and quickly ran out of fun things to do in that time. Can’t imagine being on a cruise ship and having no work the entire day.

So we will only do cruise ships if it’s a paid speaking gig.

All the sailboats has sparked my dream of owning a sailboat. I had visions of having it in San Diego and I would fly in and take it out, then fly home. I enjoyed visiting the gaslight district and Coronado Island especially the Hotel Del Coronado. What a unique hotel. I would love to come back and stay there.