Another great example of how to publicize yourself.

With Sanderson and Branson at the helm, they will make the crossing in the 30-metre Virgin Money, which is owned by the Team Origin leader, Sir Keith Mills.

Sanderson last crossed the Atlantic in 2003, setting a record of six days, 17 hours, 52 minutes and 39 seconds, beating his previous best by more than a day.

He told the Herald on Sunday he was determined to better the record for the single-hull crossing sailing craft, ‘whether it’s a minute, an hour or a day – this is a race against the clock’.

An average speed of 20 knots is required, a difficult task on one of the roughest oceans.

‘You’re up into the icebergs and the full North Atlantic storms,’ Sanderson said. ‘You can’t take it lightly. To go across the Atlantic in a yacht is always going to be a big ask.’

Virgin Money will be crewed mainly by sailors from Team Origin, which was formed by Sir Keith.

The crew will also include Sir Richard’s children, 26-year-old Holly, a proficient sailor who will double as on-board doctor, and 23-year-old Sam.

Sanderson said his 58-year-old co-skipper, Sir Richard, had a ‘huge wealth of experience’ at sea.

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