I flew to France Monday and Tuesday.  Nan and I flew on L’Avion an airline that only flys from New York to Paris.  Actually leaves Newark New Jersey Airport which has a lovely view of New York City.  I saw the Empire State building when we were transferring from Continental to L’Avion.

L’Avion only has business class seating on the entire jet.  We were in France as soon as we stepped on board.  The service was exceptional.  The food was divine.  I didn’t get much sleep on the plane but after watching a movie on a handheld video player I shut my eyes and laid back with plenty of leg room and the chair leans back over 45 degrees much more than standard seating.  Not as good as SilverJet last year when we went to London but nice.  SilverJet went out of business at the end of May.  When we fly last year they had 1/3 of the plane full at most.  L’Avion had a good size group and they look much more financially healthier.

Once in Paris immigration/customs was almost nothing.  Very short line where a guy just stamped my passport.  No customs, no forms to fill out.  I thought I almost missed some line but no, France doesn’t have any forms.  Nice and easy.

fra-208-9513a-0018 Transferring to the train station from Orly airport was interesting.  I only packed two bags because we knew we were going through the Metro system (the subway system) to get to the train station and get our train to Rennes for our home exchange.  Both bags had wheels this time.  Last year I learned that my laptop and accessories is just too heavy to lug around from gate to gate.  After many many stairs thank goodness all down and switching two times we made it to the train station and got tickets to Rennes.  While having a snack and waiting for our train to arrive we noticed that one ticket had an assigned seat and the other didn’t.  Nan who is fluent in French went back to the ticket counter to get an answer.  Bottom line, is you can have a ticket and not have a seat and you may have to stand the entire 2 hour trip.  Nan fixed that and we were on our way.

fra-208-9513a-0021The food on the train was excellent.  It really is hard to find bad food in France.  Everywhere we go it is just fantastic.  After eating lunch on the train we both were getting tired.  So we took a nap.  Then once in Rennes it was a three minute cab ride to our home exchange.  It is a lovely home with a fantastic garden setting for a backyard.

After getting the Internet up and running and having to get a neighborhood to help us learn how to turn on a monitor (it has two power buttons, some energy saving feature) we took another nap.

Then a couple of our English friends came over and we enjoyed the backyard garden until the wee hours of the night but pretty early body time for us.

Internet here is great.  Getting lots of work done while enjoying the garden view.  With Skype I can call anyone anywhere in the world and be just as or even more productive than back home.

We are metres away from a Metro station.  Even though we have a car here we’ll be doing a lot with the Metro because in Europe it is just easier to travel via Metro than car.

My Nan and friends are planning the day out and once they are back from the grocery store we will be heading out to see the sights.

Bonne Nuit – French for Good Evening