Recommended Business Systems

These are my recommended systems that I use. Not all my recommendations are appropriate for everyone so please evaluate each of them for your particular needs. I get this question a lot so I’ve reviewed them here.

The book on hiring I’ve read is Who by Geoff Smart & Randy Street. Easy-to-follow steps that will put the right people in place for optimal success.

My favorite book on systemizing a business is [Work The System by Sam Carpenter]( This book goes into detail on how you can make your business run without you. Excellent book. It completely changed how I look at being an entrepreneur.

And my favorite book on running day-to-day operations is Scrum by Chris Simms & Hillary Louis Johnson. I took their ideas and simplified them into my business.

Check out the [templates and supporting materials]( (zip file) that go along with this book.

My favorite team communication tool is Slack. I’ve used a lot of different team tools overs the years and this one is the only one that all different types of team members have wanted to use. It’s simple and powerful. Plus you can integrate with other systems. I also like Discord and if I was starting from scratch I would use Discord.

And lastly my favorite project tacking system is Trello because it so simple to use. It’s a virtual card system that most team members have enjoyed using it.

Giving gifts for your staff for work well done I think is nice to do. Many places don’t have Amazon so I recommend or that will deliver to lots of places including The Philippines.