I was seriously considering moving to Las Vegas a few months ago. I had a place and opportunity available. I was very negative about where I was living here in San Antonio Texas. I was running into rednecks every five minutes. I was running into people who could care less about anything I was doing or interested in. Some were very vocal about telling me I was not fitting in with San Antonio. But my attitude starting changing when a mentor of mine Howard recommended Abraham-Hicks book “Ask and It Is Given”. I loved the book and have enjoyed the processes it describes. But it floored me when I found out that they are based right out of here in San Antonio. I went to a couple of workshops since then and just amazed that they are based from here. Then by applying the law of attraction I found Joe Vitale and guess what he is from Wimberely Texas just an hour away in the hill country. I’m reading his book “Attractor Factor” and have seen him twice since February. His Spiritual Marketing idea is fantastic. Law of attraction not only have helped me attract open-minded prosperious people that like me and my interests and it attracted my girlfriend who has been a great joy to me. We are going to his Manifestation Weekend next week. I am close to Abraham-Hicks who are very positive about prosperity and Joe Vitale who has prosperity and sprituality locked together like it should be. I no longer attract people that don’t like me or my interests. I attract open-minded prosperious people that find me interesting. I’m doing real estate investing in the number one market in the U.S.A. I have several fact filled and fun websites. I am very happy about living in San Antonio. There are many like-minded people and the riverwalk is gorgeous.