Joe Vitale and MeI was out of town with my love Nan and our friend Nat from England. I wanted to show Nat one of my favorite bookstores. I’ve been out of country and traveling alot so I hadn’t seen Joe Vitale’s book “Zero Limits” yet and it was displayed at my favorite bookstore.

I suddenly remembered that I was in it. I quickly looked myself up in the book. I’m on page 101. It felt great seeing my story of how I found my love Nan in print for the world to read about. It’s a great story and I thank Joe for writing letting everyone know about. I also thank Joe for coming out of the closet on his spiritual road. I love your marketing books and I love that you are sharing your spiritual journey. I also believe that they can coexist and in fact think they need to.

Nat in her most English way asked someone else in the bookstore to take a picture of herself with me discussing and holding the book. I felt great as Nat explains to this stranger that I’m in a book and that I’m fantastic. He seemed impressed. Heck, I was impressed after hearing her speech. 🙂

Learn how to manifest your love of your life. Again, page 101.

All is love. And life is good.