richardbranson.jpgI’ve always admired Richard Branson. He represented ultimate entrepreneurship to me and is on my vision board. He’s not a self-employed person but a true businessman. He’s not mechanic that opened his own shop but a businessman that creates a successful system that works. Branson has a long list of businesses he has created.

One thing that struck me was how many failed. And this is what makes a great entrepreneur. The ability to fail and turn around and start another business venture I admire. He acts fast which is a big factor in his success.

Branson recently announced he is diving into alternative fuels. Branson is doing this because it makes business sense and alternative energy will only work if it makes business sense. Branson entering this field is a great sign that alternative fuel/energy is going to go from mostly hippie tree huggers to an every person reality. This excites me because I have been an alternative energy fan for over 10 years and one of my favorite role models is doing it. Clean energy is good for business.

Now that a very successful rebel billionaire has entered the alternative energy realm look out for many other people to join. Smart entrepreneurs making alternative energy business viable with now happen in greater number now that Branson has shown that it is just smart business.