Podcasting BlueprintMy book Podcasting Blueprint became a #1 bestseller today.

My two books are both bestsellers.

  1. How To Create New Business Ideas
  2. Podcasting Blueprint

And I’ve been in 5 other best selling books, including:

  1. Wrote the foreword to Kent Sherrod’s book “Parenting With Love”
  2. “The Way Out” with Greg S. Reid
  3. Joe Vitale’s book “Zero Limits”
  4. Joe Vitale’s “Expect Miracles”
  5. David Mathison’s “Be The Media”

I’m super thrilled and very grateful for everyone for their support in making it all happen. My growing audience is wonderful and I appreciate every one of you.

P.S. Podcasting Blueprint has some very cool resources if you are at all interested in doing your own podcast.

P.P.S. Thanks again for everyone’s support. I really appreciate it.