My book “Play Prosperity Games” is now on the Kindle. You can read it on your Kindle, PC, iPhone, iPad, and any Android device.

Imagine doing what you Love and making money! It”s possible! True passion for what you do creates endless energy and you are a magnet for success. You now hold in your hands the key to that success!

Inside Play Prosperity Games: How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love you will discover many fun games to uncover your path to success. Step by step processes,¬†idea banks, inspiration, marketing, implementing and more is inside. You”ll have a blast creating your next big business idea. And you”ll come back again and again, idea after winning idea.

Joe Vitale“I had the pleasure of attending a Play Prosperity Games dinner by Christopher Sherrod. The one game we played out of his “Play Prosperity Games” book helped everyone generate a ton of new business ideas based on what each person loves. You”ll find the 28 other games to be equally stimulating to generate ideas, You”ll also find the sections of tracking your ideas, exploring your world and cleansing techniques most helpful to your progression to implementing your ideas.”

Joe Vitale – Star of “The Secret” and author “Attract Money Now” and “Zero Limits”