Apparently there is a lot of stories about the economy in the USA is slowing down and prosperity is disappearing.  I say Apparently because I don’t watch the negative news, I focus on the positive and look for opportunity everywhere.

This morning I’m reading my email and I have three tips in my inbox.  All three show that prosperity and opportunity is abound.

Green By The Numbers show statistics that green related fields are very economically viable and growing in the future.   After decades of almost no growth the green industry is growing.

  • In 2002, the solar industry market was worth $200 million dollars. In 2007, the estimated worth of the solar industry market was $2 billion dollars.
  • In 2005, the environmental industry created more than 5.3 million jobs in the US. Ten times more than the number of jobs created by the US pharmaceutical industry.
  • By 2030, the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries could create 40 million new jobs in the US.
  • In Europe, a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency is estimated to create a million new jobs.
  • Typically, green collar jobs pay four dollars more than the living wage standard, provide health benefits, meaningful work, and occupational mobility.

Branson Takes to GreenRoad shows that new products are coming out that are fully centered on green and tech.

Clean-tech investors Benchmark Capital and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Green Fund are wagering that rating a driver’s performance can offer a profitable path to improved fuel economy and reduced accidents and carbon dioxide emissions.

Branson To Start Virgin Russia also shows that traditional business still has room to grow within the world.  This time to Russia where they really need a decent airline.

Billionaire Richard Branson has announced plans to start an airline in Russia, tentatively called Virgin Russia. He plans to take advantage of the oil-fueled Russian economy, which has given the average Russian more money (and an airline market that’s growing at around 10 percent a year). “We hope to offer the Russian people a really good airline. We may be able to do it a little better than is being done at the moment,” said Branson. “We’re in discussion with two or three partners.” Branson also noted that there are “150 million people here within a three-hour flight from Moscow.”

So see opportunity everywhere.  See your prosperity growing.  Look for opportunity.  Seize the day and do it.