IMG_1145Nancy and I have been touring Northern England the last few days.

The drive out of London was interesting. I’ve driven on the left side of the road before but not in a big city and London is big, very big. It took 45 minutes to go from the upper West End of London to the motorway M1. By the second day I was comfortable driving on the left again. Having the driving wheel on the right helps.

We drove to Lincoln and stayed at a nice B&B. For the second time I blew all the fuses out in the room and this time the whole place. My surge protector and the power converter didn’t get along for the second time so I threw the now damaged surge protector away.

The next day Nancy interviewed George David Fryer. He is a psychic artist. The interview was very good. Look forward to seeing the show. He did drawing for both of us. Great time.

Then we drove to Nottingham, past home for Robin Hood. The whole city is one way streets. Getting a hotel room was interesting. Got one in the hip fashion area of Nottingham. Lots of music venues. Very fashionable people there. Reminded me of hip areas of London.

The rest areas on the motorways are very nice. Lots of style and the food is terrific. Even pubs in small towns have vegetarian meals. Ever single place has vegetarian meals. England is like California with manners. The drivers actually drive well.

The next day we drove to John Davies. Nancy interviewed him about Reiki.

Then we came in and stayed with Nancy’s friend Natasha. She is a lovely woman and her house and garden are very lovely. She took us out to Gigli’s a nice Italian restaurant. Natasha knows the owners and we had a lovely time. They say lovely around here a lot, btw.