I had a lot of fun experiencing SXSW here in Austin.  I like parties and socializing and the long winded talks bore me.  Last night I did one and was falling asleep.  Had to get up and grab a late dinner.  So I stick to parties.

I first went to Freshbooks dinner.  Freshbooks is the invoicing system I use and it saves me a ton of time.  My motto is automate then delegate.  It was fun to chat with many of the Freshbooks team.  I even got an answer to a question of mine from Sunir.

I went to Barcamp Austin on Saturday and meet Sunir again from Freshbooks and also watched a few people give presentations.  What I liked about Barcamp is that anyone can do a presentation.  Many were made on the fly.  There was a big board with time slots and anybody could put up a stickie with a subject they wanted to talk about.  Some presentations were better than others.  I found the Microsoft guy saying “Why Microsoft Doesn’t Suck” to be humorous as many people had Apple laptops listening to this Microsoft guy.

A big party I went to was the Diggnation party with Kevin Rose.  Huge crowd outside at a college party club.  After ten minutes I was bored.  Takes a long time to get any good content when they have people chugging beers and throwing t-shirts into the audience while talking about the new iPhone Operating System coming out soon.  We ran into a new friend of ours (I was with my girlfriend Nan) Wesley and he showed us to another party that had music and a lot of film people.  Fun times.  Thank Wesley for the 411.

Matt of WordPress and Chris SherrodI love WordPress and I really wanted to meet Matt the main person behind it.  So I went to their BBQ.  I even got a picture with him.  And meet a lot of friends, Hi David.  I was talking to some chaps from Romania and now London about their startup and I found it so cool that people from around the world can start a website or web application and anyone can use it.  One of my new favorite websites FriendOrFollow was developed here in Austin and I meet Rusty the developer of it.  If you have an idea get it out there and go for it.  Loved the place it was held at too a co-working place.  New idea where entreprenuers get together and work besides one another on their own stuff.  Great for masterminding.  I’m going to try it about every once in a while.

Austin has a Tweetup where everyone on Twitter shows up and meets in person.  Lot’s of fun.  I saw some friends, Hi David again.  And meet some new people.  It was strange to see people twittering and not talking to people at times.  Come on, it’s a party.

Last night Nan and I went to Plutopia.  I felt like the most corporate guy there, which is a little unusual for me.  Weird art, weird music and weird people.  Here’s 11 seconds of a band.

I had a good time Follow me on Twitter to get my updates and free tips every day.  For people in Austin, hope to see you around.