I just got back from Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive in Fort Worth Texas. I spent an extra day after to relax and catch up with my sleep.

My girlfriend Nancy and I got up there on Thursday. Drove straight thru and didn’t even notice the time. We love talking and listening to great music while driving and the time just flew by. The hotel room was much better than the neighborhood. The downtown hotels near the convention center were booked due to some cheerleader convention, so we stayed about five miles away. We had great Vietnamese food nearby which was really good.

Millionaire Mind IntensiveThe first day was great. Doug explained the jar system which I have know about for a couple of years, I learned it from Fredrick Lehrman. It is a simple system that has helped me a lot in the past two years. The key is balance and the jar system does an excellent job at that. Money is energy. Increase your energy and increase your money.

Day two was better for me due to it being mostly new information and techniques for me. I’ve read a lot of books and gone to quite a few seminars so day one was a little familiar. But day two was not familiar. It was all new. And this is what makes this workshop unique. The interactive bits are so cool. Doug the trainer (notice I said trainer and not speaker) was very good. Doug showed me that there is a major difference between a trainer and a speaker. Most of the seminars I’ve been to have been speakers. Having a trainer that uses techniques to increase retention was a big eye opener to me. Business is a learnable skill. Business is a machine to create wealth, not a job.

I understand more that my role is primarily in marketing. Everyone is in marketing. Marketing is the key. The bigger the why the smaller the how becomes. These guys have to so right. I’m impressed. They must have read the same books and came out with a killer workshop. One interactive piece I really enjoyed. I don’t want to ruin it for you but trust me it will expand you.

Millionaire Mind IntensiveDay three was fantastic even with starting an hour earlier and have the time spring forward an hour. I lost two hours of sleep just because of that. I loved the saying “I’ll work on me for you”. That is such a good perspective. You either affect or infect people. You have the choice. Watch your language to know if your mind or your heart is talking. It was really fantastic to do one exercise with my girlfriend Nancy. To breakthrough my shyness while looking in her eyes and winding up with her arms was very special to me.

I can’t tell you how great it was to be at an interactive workshop like this with someone I love so much. It is so wonderful to expand while doing it with your partner.

“I have a millionaire mind.” High fives all around.