I recently moved to San Diego.

Christopher Sherrod & Nan Akasha

Christopher Sherrod & Nan Akasha

It was a lesson on making things happen.

Me and my love both wanted to move there for business reasons. Lots of events for her to go to.

It doesn’t matter where I live as I do business online, she speaks a lot at events and there are a lot of events in San Diego.

However, if I choose where I want to live I would choose San Diego, Manhattan, San Francisco, London and Singapore. I was tired of allergies in Austin. Tired of living indoors with a spinning head from allergies for months at a time.

My partner went to San Diego 13 times in 2013 on business so…San Diego won.

We both were in San Diego at separate events and looking at places before and after our events and places were going so quickly that we couldn’t secure a place.

I flew back to Austin and she stayed for a couple more events and to look around more.

Two weeks later after being in San Diego for nearly a month she flew back to Austin.

I picked her up at the airport with flowers of course and then went out to dinner.

She didn’t want to come back. She could had stayed longer and gone to more events and connected with more people than she could in Austin.

And that is because more people in our niche live in Southern California. More events in our space happen here then anywhere else.

I blame Tony Robbins as he moved to La Jolla just north of San Diego so many years ago. ( He lives in Fiji now ).

But everyone in the self help space moved to San Diego area because of Tony. Like minded people like to hang out with like minded people. Plus the weather is ideal.

Over the years of going to seminars every month I’ve noticed that for self help seminars they do well in San Diego. Worst place is Dallas. I still haven’t figured out what the deal is with Dallas but others in the business agree, Dallas has some issues regarding self help.

So my partner didn’t want to come back to Austin and just wanted to stay in San Diego and figure it all out.

So I told her why didn’t you.

She felt guilty about being aware from our 17 year old daughter and me of course. 🙂

Two weeks later she’s on a one way 1st class flight to San Diego.

We decided just to take a leap of faith and figure it out.

We made that decision and she left the next day, which was the next plane ride we could find.

I stayed in Austin to sell a lot of stuff and pack our 4 bedroom home.

Our daughter who graduated from high school at 16 last year got a short term job in San Antonio.

It was just me to sell and pack.

Amazing what some people will buy and what won’t sell at all.

I sold all our furniture excepts our beds.

I really enjoyed selling and giving away stuff that really could use it. The 8 year old girl who was going to use my futon chair as a chair and bed. Or the 12 year old girl that got our indoor trampoline. I’m so happy the stuff we didn’t want anymore is making other people’s lives happier.

At first we wanted to get rid of our furniture because with professional movers it is actually more expensive to move big furniture than it is to buy new furniture (unless it super antique, which is not our style)

But five weeks of selling 95% of our furniture and 50% of everything else that we hadn’t used in the last year became a real eye opener to what really matters.

We’ve moved into a bigger place in San Diego and only about 75% of the boxes are unpacked plus I got rid of 50% of our stuff to begin with and I don’t miss it.

I love how zen the new place is.

It’s amazing how little stuff you really need to be comfortable and happy.

It’s all about where you live.

How many people in your niche can you connect with? How convenient is the stores and restaurants? How close is the beach? Do places deliver? Can you get a good maid?

These are questions that I have found to be important to me.

Everything I could possibly need is 8 minutes away.

So my partner flew to San Diego and networked. She connected with so many people.

Many people offered to have her stay with them while she figured out a place to live which was incredibly helpful because my partner could feel the vibe of so many neighborhoods. That helped us figure out where we wanted to live.

I focused on selling and packing stuff.

We had a hard date where we needed a new place to live in San Diego. We worked on it daily and it all worked out, because we focused.

We were determined to make it happen because otherwise we were going to be homeless with a ton of stuff and no where to put it.

Most people and my entire family would have freaked out.

Most people want to know the next few steps (more like their entire lives).

We barely knew the next step.

We basically jumped out of a plane and figured out where the parachute was, stuck it on, figured out how it worked and deployed it before hitting the ground.

But the end result is I live in a much bigger place. Got another car, a convertible.. Goto the beach almost daily. And I’m having a blast connecting with people.

I’m living outside much more and getting more active because the weather is perfect and there are no Central Texas allergies pinning me indoors.

San Diego BeachSan Diego is paradise without island fever.

I heard recently someone answer a question of why they moved to San Diego when they had a business where they could live anywhere. Their answer was why wouldn’t I live in San Diego. If you have your own business and you’re making at least multiple six figures, then why wouldn’t you want to live in what many consider the best climate in the world, that has a lot of entrepreneurs that really care about where they live.

Yes the cost of living is more, like two times more than Austin, plus there is a state income tax. Funny though that alcohol at stores and maids are half the price.

But what is your life worth?

If you’re bored where you live, if your business would leap and grow if you moved somewhere else, wouldn’t you? Why not? Why are you reducing your peak potential?

Right now San Diego is the ideal place for me and my partner. If that changes than we will move.