Last week we went to Mont St. Michel just north of us here in France.

This is one place that I really loved.  Very magical.

It is entirely built on a big hill.  The medival streets are still intact.  Many tourist shops and restaurants.  We at one with a view of the surrounding sea and land.  Beautiful scenery.

The tide is very high here, nice fortress location in the old days.  You can actually see the tide come in so strong it makes waves in the areas that are protected by waves.  Impressive.  If you’re not careful you can get surrounded by water and get stuck.  Many people have died that way.

After dinner we hiked all the way to the top.  The French government took it over after the French Revolution so it not used as a religious place like it was in the old days.  But that night they have many people throughout the Mont playing flutes, violins, a Bassoon and a harp piano.  We wondered around the place from room to room listening to the music echo off the walls.  A truly magical night.  Definitely worth going to more than once.